Economist Impact presents The World Ahead: 2023

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Economist Impact presents The World Ahead: 2023

om Standage - Deputy Editor and Head of Digital Strategy at The Economist and editor of its future-gazing brand, The World Ahead - gives an exclusive insight into the top 10 topics of the upcoming 'The World Ahead 2023' report:

  1. All eyes on Ukraine
  2. Recessions loom
  3. Climate silver lining
  4. Peak China?
  5. Divided America
  6. Flashpoints to watch
  7. Shifting alliances
  8. Revenge tourism
  9. Metaverse reality check
  10. New year, new jargon

The World Ahead provides mind-stretching insights and expert-level analysis for the year to come, written by The Economist correspondents and editors alongside globally-recognised public figures.

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