How to be more creative in 2023?

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How to be more creative in 2023?

Sir John Hegarty shares three tips for marketers on how to be more creative than ever during the course of 2023.

“New year, new me” as the old saying goes. I was tasked with coming up with some resolutions for 2023 to encourage creative behaviour in the New Year. If any of you have heard me talk before then you will know I like the power of three, if it is good enough for God then it is good enough for me. So here goes… my top three tips:

Number 1. If you are what you eat, then you certainly are what you absorb: ‘Read shit, think shit, and you’ll create shit’. Only read good stuff, it might rub off. This doesn’t just mean I want you to buy a library of books on creativity, rather I would encourage you to read outside of your discipline. Find inspiration and lessons from others who hold knowledge and expertise within different industries. I have always read The Financial Times, this might seem strange as an Art Director or given the fact that I only understand about 10% of it, but I am convinced it gives me a competitive edge. Creativity is about thinking differently and how can you do that if you are fed the same information as everyone else in your industry?

Number 2. Emotions are contagious, so be an optimist, or at least surround yourself with optimists. Optimism is defined as “a feeling that good things will happen and that something will be successful”. I’m not encouraging arrogance or hubris but I do want an organisation filled with a positive self belief. If people have self belief they will be more likely to express and embrace new ideas. They will be willing to take a risk on something new, because they hold a genuine belief and hope that it might succeed. Apart from anything else, it will result in a happier environment and we all create better work when we are enjoying ourselves. After all, creativity should be fun. And remember optimism is contagious. What a wonderful thing to catch.

Number 3. Embrace inquisitiveness. Too often we feel stupid asking the very simplest of questions - “why?” This year I want everyone to become more comfortable with asking “why?” Why did you name your company that? Why did you do that, in that particular way? Why did you start your company or launch that product? The more inquisitive we are, the more we learn new ways to exist. Question with a restlessness. Children constantly ask questions, it is how they grow and their knowledge expands. So why do we stop doing this as adults? Remember there are no stupid questions. If you are trying to do something unusual, then you might just need to ask something unusual. In fact the stupid question is often the most interesting.

Or if you’re looking to ensure your resolution lasts past January this year, simply sign up to my Business of Creativity course launching on 27th March. Over 8 weeks I will guide you through every element of creativity from defining it, to selling it. Contact the WFA for an exclusive discount for members or find out more information at:

Here’s to a creative 2023.

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